LRCIA Mission

Our mission is to improve the appearance and functionality of the Lewes -- Rehoboth Canal corridor in order to better serve residents and visitors to the Cape region of Delaware.

 A very important part of our mission is to pave the way for green, public transportation along the Canal corridor via a water taxi. This would greatly reduce the number of vehicles on our highways and would allow for a major decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in our area. This would have a significant beneficial impact on the environment by reducing reliance on road vehicles. We feel quite confident that once a water taxi is established it would have a large ridership. Part of this ridership would be drawn from the visitors to the area. It would be a fast, easy, convenient, inexpensive and eco-conscious way of traveling between the many attractions of Lewes and the significant tourism venues of Rehoboth Beach. In addition, significant additional ridership could be obtained from local residents who commute between the two towns. Having a large number of vehicles off the road every day throughout the year would greatly reduce congestion on our highways and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a very significant degree.